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Pepper Market Review Week 25 2020

Black and White Pepper Prices in Vietnam closed mixed with a few collectors dropping their prices due to liquidity issues while most others were trying to hold on to previous weeks closing levels.While some exporters claimed good business from across the Globe at current levels others were complaining lack of follow through at higher levels other than for quick and prompt shipments or insignificant quantities to sustain higher levels. Brazil Asta prices were steady at 2400 FOB throughout out the week [...]


Pepper Market Review Week 22 2020

Global Pepper prices showed the biggest volatility of the decade during the week under  review spearheaded by Vietnam where local prices at farm level surged from 48500 VND to 62000 VND per kilo and then retreating back to 55000 VND per kilo on Sunday .The shorts who were strangled were having various meetings in coffee shops and pubs besides closed door meetings how to fan the fire or extinguish it could not reach any concrete decisions.The biggies have asked [...]


Pepper Market Review Week 21 2020

Black and White pepper Prices increased close to 10% this week in Vietnam. Increased  fresh demand ,short covering and speculative operations  has encouraged farmers and collectors to hold and increase asking prices .Indonesia and Brazil firmed as well but Indian prices were steady . Local prices at end of the week surged to 47.500 Vietnam Dongs per Kg.Worlds largestGrinder Was shopping heavily in Vietnam picking up all offers for 570 gl and 500 gl Asta cleaned whole Black Pepper for July [...]