Author - vananh

Pepper Market Review Week 26 2020

The market in Vietnam saw prices on a stabilizing mode from Tuesday as most of the exporters who were shying away from the market finally showing heads up and started buying almost two weeks after the recent massive run up .Prices were trending higher from Friday on  reports of the local speculators who bought pepper on paper squaring off their positions with collectors.Limited business was done at  US$ 2475 for 500 gl Asta US$ 2525  for 550 gl Asta [...]


Pepper Market Review Week 24 2020

Black and white pepper prices closed unchanged from previous week though there were little swings and Couldn’t breach the 55000 VND per kg for the raw material.Only shorts with deep pockets were covering to honour commitments and others were on the sideline waiting for the chance of prices dropping further as most of the sales exporters have on hand is in the range of 34-38000 VND per kilo and executing contracts buying at current levels for the time being is not [...]


Pepper Market Review week 23 2020

The market in Vietnam witnessed wild swings during the week under review. We saw market nose diving at the beginning of the week which the trade was foreseeing but  Prices were trending higher from Thursday again which caught the trade by surprise With very little support at higher prices from importers. Reports of quite short covering coupled with new buying interest at higher levels for prompt shipment  triggered  the spurt .At close of the week CIS buyers were active [...]