Pepper Price Updates mid week 3

Pepper Price Updates mid week 3

Black and White Pepper Prices which showed some very attractive levels after 6 months started bouncing back with Chinese entry for White pepper which pushed up the prices of limited and thin availability of old crop which was lying with few collectors .Now that Vietnam will be closed down from next week end till February 9 th we saw a mad rush in buying from those whose inventory levels have dropped to an all time low but with very little success as pipe line has become dry . With new crop arrivals delayed to  March
Besides a lower crop it will be an interesting year ahead .With Ocean freight rates still not showing any respite and exporters with mounting losses are strangled by their Bankers.
How many big time operators will see dawn after Lunar New year  Holidays is worth watching

With prices increasing over USD 200 Pmt in just 5 working days amid tight supplies call us to discuss coverage for first Quarter

Awaiting to hear from you .

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