Pepper Market Review Week 10 2019

Pepper Market Review Week 10 2019

Black and white pepper prices in Vietnam closed firmer at close of the week with further firmness indications coming up with very tight supplies as farmers continue to hold as much as possible as the “ Black  Gold “ has fallen below cost of Production .Brazil prices also moved up with harvest coming to a close and the next round of harvest coming up only in Sept/oct 2019
Only. B1 reportedly traded from south of Brazil st USD 2200 Fob and 2250 Fob from Belem limited quantities and we see more reluctant sellers although surprisingly Vietnam exporters were bidding aggressively as some of them have reportedly sold till the end of the year to North America  as a sort of cushion as the expected relief in pricing locally in Vietnam not seen yet with more than 50% of the crop is harvested With shortage of workforce and cost of plucking moving up to USD 10:- Day this year we do not see any selective plucking and farmers are plucking every thing together . Eastern Europe and CIS destinations continue to buy for prompt shipment

Good quantities of 500 gl Asta was traded USD 2325 FOB 550 gl Asta USD

2350 Fob and 570 gl Asta  USD 2400 Fob

Shipments March through June shipments from Vietnam

Advise coverage in dips is what we recommend rather than waiting for bottom fishing

Please ask for Pesticide Complaint  Steam Sterilized whole Black and White as per EU Regulations

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