Pepper Market Review Week 43 2020

Pepper Market Review Week 43 2020

Black and White Pepper Prices
In Vietnam closed higher by 8% on Black and 13% on White respectively  with aggressive
Chinese buying both black and white Pepper.The white processors capabilities. Are fully booked for the next 6 weeks by the Chinese.The shorts had but no choice other than to follow local prices to meet the commitments on time .Currently all is not well with the top of the list players who have reportedly shelled out millions of dollars to stay in business already and going forward seems in dire straits.

The week under review witnessed lot of new business for prompt November and December shipments seeing the under current of the Vietnamese Pepper market from 19 th October when Chinese came back fully after the Golden  Week Holidays.

Whole Black Pepper 500 gl Asta cleaned was traded @ USD 2700 FOB 550 GL Asta USD 2760 FOB 570 GL Asta 2810 FOB and DWWhite Asta USD 4150 FOB for November and December shipments

Stay tuned for more action as other origins also moved up seeing the movements in Vietnam.BASTA was quoted 2450 FOB LASTA 2550 and MG 1 AsTA reportedly traded at USD 4900 FOB Cochin

Please call us to discuss tailor made offers for November and December shipments.Due to heavy rains and floods the new crop arrivals from Daknong will be delayed and we might see a big squeeze in December and January according to new generation experts in the trade who are not expecting a correction until March 2021 though there will be minor swings .

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