Vietnam Pepper 12/11/2020

Vietnam Pepper 12/11/2020

Vietnam pepper markets are on fire 🔥 with Chinese aggressively picking up White Pepper and Heavy Density Black Pepper from which white pepper is made .Local prices are almost near the highs ( 58-60 K VND ) of the year we witnessed for a day or two in April with very high degree of Speculative activities which subsequently dropped .in the current scenario we do not see such drop but market can see some correction if the Chinese retreats after a while .White pepper traditionally processed till the end of December is hard to obtain as Chinese have booked orders from local processors.with 246000 Mt
Pepper already left the shores of the country till 10 th November of course with the help of 28000 mts imported to the country till October end  availability is also a serious issue as small and medium farmers are left with nothing at this point of time and only the very  cash rich farmers have stocks and seeing continued steady increase in prices we see very little potential of more carryover stocks coming to the market .With typhoon and flood hit central highlands the prime source of pepper reeling under severe hardships we expect the crop harvest will begin only in
February which is going to create further scarcity of raw pepper in the market .We have been warning this scenario for sometime and even indicated that Vietnam will be sold off before the end of the year and advised to stay covered with the trusted partners .

Keep in mind the game is not over yet as we see respite in prices only in March or early April so have your insurance taken with the right partners as we might see big bankruptcy before the new crop flows

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