Pepper Market Review Week 28 2019

Pepper Market Review Week 28 2019

Black and white pepper prices closed firmer towards weekend despite Chineese traders
absence . With Vietnam customs started accounting  for exports through Land Borders of Vietnam export figures showed a
massive increase compared to previous years .According to our information 65% of crop of Vietnam and Cambodia has already crossed the custom borders in the first six months of 2019. A section of the trade feels seeing the first 6 months exports at a staggering level of 182000 mts another 140,000 mts in the second half of the year is possible which we feels a level very hard to achieve but only time can tell as there is no scientific estimation happening in the country and its neighbors Cambodia and Laos whose crop is exported through Vietnam as Vietnam  Origin Pepper.At close of the week 500 gl Asta Cleaned was quoted 2325 FOB 550 gl Asta USD 2385 FOB and 570 gl Asta USD 2425 FOB and Traditionally
Processed and Sun Dried USD 3450 FOB HCMC for July/FH August  shipment coupled with strengthening of Vietnam Dongs against  US$

Indonesia started its harvest but exporters complain very thin arrivals as pepper farmers not interested in sales now and concentrating on coffee sales.LASTA was vainly quoted for August shipment at US$
2425 FOB Panjang

Brazil new crop prices  traded US$ 2050 FOB for August/September after trading in the range of 2100/2150 for quite some months

Sri Lankan prices which was following the heels of Malabar pepper dropped to UD$ 3100 FOB Colombo and Malabar MG-1 closed US$ 5250 FOB Cochin

Continue  to have ample coverage for near term especially third quarter requirements

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