Pepper Market Review Week 44 2020

Pepper Market Review Week 44 2020

Black and white Pepper Prices closed firmer in Brazil and Indonesia narrowing the gap between Vietnam prices for the Asta variety. Indian prices were rock steady throughout the week and Vietnam prices towards end of the week was showing  some signs of easing
as Chinese became less aggressive at close of the week

With more than 90% of 2020 crop already sold we do not see any interest from stakeholders to sell off and realize cash. Imports in the first three quarters totaled 25000 mts .We expect another 10-12 000 mts imports to hit the shores in the last quarter of the year taking the total to 35000 mts.

We are yet to have the full details of various typhoons
hitting the central highlands

Please check the following web link for latest updates
Please call us to discuss for coverage through new crop which is most likely will be delayed because of typhoons and floods


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