Pepper Market Review Week 25 2020

Pepper Market Review Week 25 2020

Black and White Pepper Prices in Vietnam closed mixed with a few collectors dropping their prices due to liquidity issues while most others were trying to hold on to previous weeks closing levels.While some exporters claimed good business from across the Globe at current levels others were complaining lack of follow through at higher levels other than for quick and prompt shipments or insignificant quantities to sustain
higher levels.

Brazil Asta prices were steady at 2400 FOB throughout out the week with not many shippers were keen to participate

Indonesian prices continue to remain stable at  US$ 2650-2750FOB Panjang for July/August shipments

Indian MG 1 levels remained steady at US$ 4550  FOB Cochin throughout the week with weaker exchange rate against US Dollar in spite of a local steady/forming trend .

Vietnam traded USD 2550/2575 FOB HCMC and 550 Asta USD 266/2625 FOB HCM for prompt shipments. We foresee an opportunity sometime next week for buyers who need both Prompt and July shipments so stay focused on the market and stay connected  with  us to discuss coverage for both Natural and Compliant Black and White Pepper as per EU  Regulations

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