Pepper Market Review Week 30 2019

Pepper Market Review Week 30 2019

Vietnam Pepper offers during the week  drifted lower by US $ 50 pmt  due to a combination of inactivity and greater competition for market share by 165 odd exporters from the biggest pepper producing nation.Indonesia’s harvest is in full swing and offers inched lower  as takers were few from overseas market and it
looks  like  exporters will match Vietnam prices if firm bids are given for August shipments .Major Indonesian exporters opine that August month will be the right month for purchase of Indonesian Pepper this year as after the initial push speculators will step in and stock pile the pepper which is considered safe by default with regard to pesticide contamination . Collectors  in Indonesia are motivated to sell prior to Eid al-Adha holidays in August .Nearby demands for 570 Asta will be picked by USA Grinders if it’s matched with Vietnam 570 Asta Pepper Prices .

Brazil turned out to be a reluctant seller as huge quantities of B1 and BASTA has been picked up by Asia .Exporters have taken short sales and seeing more demand coming
Up from non traditional buyer Asia exporters decided to withdrew and cover locally available material before striking new deals .

India continue to remain very high with its MG1 pricing which is currently 120% more compared to Brazil Indonesia and Vietnam
Pepper prices

Watch the market closely which is currently trading at 10 year Low and make use of opportunities Incase market dips from current levels

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